Tables of Contents
2016 through 2020

2016, Volume 56
(Fred Holabird and William D. Hyder, Editor/Publisher)

Number 1 (January/February)

• The Camp Family Dynasty; An American Success Story (Part 1), by David E. Schenkman, pp. 3-9
• Bruce Smith on Token Storage, p. 9
• Whitman Publishing Releases New Book on Modern Gold and Silver Coins and Medals, p. 12
• VNA Releases Second Edition of David Schenkman’s Catalog on Virginia Tokens, p. 13
• Pope Francis’ Visit to United States and Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Commemorated on Counterstamped Coins, by Mel Wacks, pp. 15
• Mavericks, pp. 17-23
• Bryan Dollars and Sound Money Democrats: An Engraved Bryan Dollar, by William D. Hyder, pp. 23-24
• Die-Pressed Wooden Medals & Plaques of the 1876 Centennial Exposition (announcement), by Dr. Donald G. Tritt, p. 27

Number 2 (March/April)

• “And the Government Paid for Us Both to Go to Ireland Island,” by Bob Lyall, pp. 35-40
• The Camp Family Dynasty; An American Success Story, Part 2, by David Schenkman, pp. 43-45
• A Curious Tennessee Token, by Bill Groom, pp. 46-47
• A Token or Not? A Token of Guernsey, by Mark Benvenuto, pp. 49-50
• Mavericks, pp. 52-57

Number 3 (May/June)

• Tarnished Gold: The Unlikely Birth, Troubled Life, and Potential Comeback of the U.S. Mint’s American Arts Gold Medallions, by Dennis Tucker, pp. 67-71
• 47th Medal in Jewish-American Hall of Fame Series Honors Radio and Television Pioneer Gertrude Berg, p. 73
• Counterstamped Coins... A Suffering Knickerbocker Opines, by Bill Groom, pp. 75-77
• American Gold and Silver: U.S. Mint Collector and Investor Coins and Medals, Bicentennial to Date, by Dennis Tucker, Reviewed by William D. Hyder, pp. 78-79
• Mavericks, pp. 82-86
• Palais Oriental Tokens, Our Man Flint, Robust Women and Stained Glass, by Ray Bows, pp. 88-90
• In Memory Donald Young (obituary), p. 90

Number 4 (July/August)

• Tarnished Gold: The Unlikely Birth, Troubled Life, and Potential Comeback of the U.S. Mint’s American Arts Gold Medallions [Part 2], by Dennis Tucker, pp. 99-103
• An Exonumia Mystery Solved? Encased Half Dimes, by Stephen A. Crain, William D. Hyder, and Fred Holabird, pp.105-107
• Virginia Tokens Revised Second Edition, reviewed by Wayne K. Homren, pp. 108-109
• So-Called Dollars Showcased in the Mega Red Book for the First Time Ever, by Jeff Shevlin, pp. 110-113.
• Mavericks, pp. 115-120

Number 5 (September/October)

• Chinese-American Tokens: More Samples, by Jerry F. Schimmel, pp. 131-136
• Richard G. Magnuson, TAMS 1622, Obituary, p. 138
• Recipient of Carnegie Hero Medal Honored with Memorial Plaque, by Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, p.139
• The Medal-of-the-Month Club Created by Felicity Buranelli, reviewed by Kathy Freeland, p. 140
• Masonic Chapter Pennies of the United States & Canada, reviewed by Tom Carson, p. 141
• Evelyn Nesbit: The Girl on the Mirror, by Herbert Miles, pp. 143-146.
• Mavericks, pp. 149-153
• Numismatic Archaeology of North America: A Field Guide, reviewed by William D. Hyder, p. 154
• TAMS Treasurer Mark Lighterman Honored with 2016 ANA Zerbe Award, p. 155

56:5(2) Supplement

The System Scrip Makers of Western Ohio, by Eric R. Schema and David E. Schenkman

Number 6 (November/December)

• Memories of Camp Alger, Virginia, by David E. Schenkman, pp. 163-169
• Donald Young Exonumia to be Auctioned in Early December 2016, p.171-173
• Mavericks, pp. 177-183
• TAMS Banquet Report, TAMS 2016 Annual Meeting, pp. 186-187