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National Token Collectors Association (NTCA)

Western States Token Society (annual show information)

Civil War Token Society

National Scrip Collectors Association (NSCA)

American Vecturist Association

Canadian Association of Token Collectors (CATC)

Medal Collectors of America

American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA)

FIDEM (International Art Medal Federation)

British Art Medal Society (BAMS)

Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA)

Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club

TEC "The Elongate Collectors"

Love Token Society

Jewish-American Hall of Fame

Society of Ration Token Collectors

American Tax Token Society

Collections, Collectors, and Catalogs:

Richard's Token Database

Hibler and Kappen's So-Called Dollars

SoCalled Dollars

Fisher Collection of Hard Times Tokens

Lovett Tokens & Medals

Richard Irons Civil War Sutler Tokens

The Art Work of Karl Goetz

Ben Weiss Collection of Historical and Commemorative Medals

Thomas Diehn's Medallic Site

The Art Medal Site

Napoleonic Medals

History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy - Medals and Tokens

Encased Coins

Saloon Tokens

South Carolina Tokens

John Sallay, Examples from my collection

Medals and Tokens of the New York City Subway System

"So-Called Dollar" Discussion group and photographs hosted by the So-Called Guy


Ron Abler’s
Centennial Cabinet, Exploring the Exonumia of the 1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition. hosted at the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Chapter 1:
Centennial Commemorative Medals
Chapter 2:
Declaration of Independence Medals
Chapter 3:
Centennial Awards
Chapter 4:
Centennial Exhibition
Chapter 5:
Centennial Exhibition Visitors
Chapter 6:
Centennial Exhibition Buildings
Chapter 7:
Medals Struck at the Exhibition
Chapter 8:
Wood Medals and Plaques
Chapter 9:
Medals Struck for Organizations
Chapter 10:
Medals Struck in or by Foreign Countries
Chapter 11:
Medals Depicting Historical Figures
Chapter 12:
Medals Commemorating Historical Events
Chapter 13:
Medals Depicting Patriotic Symbols
Chapter 14:
Medals Struck by Private Individuals
Chapter 15:
Official Centennial Medals?
Appendix 1:
Holland Reprint
Appendix 2:
Frossard Reprint
Appendix 3:
Centennial Medals Cross-references
Appendix 4:
Appendix 5:
Historical Events of the American Revolutionary Era
Appendix 6:
Alloys Used in Centennial Medals
Appendix 7 and Bibliography:
Medal Diameter Conversions and Bibliography

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Cunningham Exonumia

Jeff Shevlin, The So-Called Guy, So-Called Dollars

Official Presidential Inaugural Medals

Steve Hayden Civil War Tokens

Northwest Territorial Mint and Medallic Art Company

John Sings Gamesetal Gaming Tokens, Whist Counters and Medalettes

Richard Stockley Books

Karl Goetz Medals

Holabird’s Western Americana Collections

Hedley Betts - Medals