Benefits of membership in the Token and Medal Society

Members receive 6 issues of the TAMS Journal each year plus Supplements as they are made available. Included in the TAMS Journal are:

  • Officers' messages and reports
  • Library news
  • News of the hobby
  • Articles by member authors
  • Maverick column
  • Marketplace (each member is entitled to one free 25-word classified ad per issue)
  • Paid advertisements
  • Access to the TAMS Library -- TAMS has an extensive library containing books and periodicals on the various aspects of the hobby. Members are entitled to borrow material from the library for just the cost of round-trip postage and insurance
  • Discounts on books published by TAMS
  • Assistance for authors in publishing works pertinent to the hobby.
  • Members may download pdfs of selected Journal articles as they become available.

TAMS Application Form

Interested in joining TAMS? Select the TAMS Application link and print the application form. Annual dues are $33 in the U.S., $45 for Canada, and $65 outside the U.S.

New membership categories approved August, 2012:

Associate Membership: $12

Associate membership is dependent on a family member already being a regular member of TAMS. No journals will be sent. If a regular member should pass away, the associate will have the opportunity to change to the regular member’s membership number and assume those rights. Their dues would change to the regular membership price. Membership numbers for an associate member would have an A in front of their number, which will be the same as the person receiving a regular membership number. They will be eligible for a 25-year pin.

Junior Membership: $12

Dues set at $12 for juniors up to the age of 18. Journals will be sent. Once a junior member turns 18, they can convert to the regular membership price and be eligible for their 25-year pin with years spent as a junior counting toward that 25 years.

Want to use PayPal?

PAYPAL Instructions: You must have a PayPal account. Sign on to your account and select send money. You will send to After entering the payment address and amount, PayPal will take you to a page where you can add a note and confirm your payment. Please add a note indicating your name. address, preferred email, and your collecting interests to ensure your membership request is properly recorded and your dues are properly accredited to your account.


Membership in the Token and Medal Society is a privilege extended to those who subscribe to the purposes of the Society and who meet the other prerequisites of membership.

The Code of Ethics has been duly adopted by the Board of Governors of the Society to serve as a standard of conduct to which members should aspire. A breach of ethics by any member reflects, directly or indirectly, upon other members, the Society and upon the sincerity of our purpose. Such a breach is therefore prejudicial to the welfare of the Token and Medal Society and may be cause for disciplinary action by the Board of Governors.

Membership in the Token and Medal Society carries with it the commitment:

1. To support and be governed by the By-laws of the Token and Medal Society and such amendments, resolutions and policies as may be established.

2. To abide by all federal, state and local laws relating to numismatics and to tokens and medals in particular.

3. To conduct oneself so as to bring no reproach or discredit to the Token and Medal Society or to impair the prestige of the membership therein, or the collecting of tokens and medals.

4. To abstain from buying or selling tokens, medals, or other numismatic and hobby material of which the ownership is questionable, and to report promptly to the proper law enforcement agencies information on suspected stolen material.

5. To promote the education of collectors and students of tokens and medals and a fraternal relationship among them.

6. To conduct transactions in tokens and medals fairly, with integrity that is responsive to legal requirements and to the highest ethical standards.