Tune for a Token small

A Tune for a Token

Anew TAMS Journal Supplement, published as a hardback book has arrived.

Published with a donation from Ken Goldman and Q. David Bowers, the book will be sent to all TAMS members as a benefit of their membership.

We will start mailing the book at the end of April. Owing to staffing shortages at the local post office, the number of books mailed daily is limited to 25 to 50 depending on the number of customers waiting in line. With only one clerk on duty, we must stretch out the mailing time over a month to two months. Be patient and the book will eventually arrive in your mail box.

Consider a TAMS Donation

President Ernie Ngay reminds members that TAMS cannot survive from membership dues and book sales alone. A small donation in addition to your annual membership dues would be greatly appreciated to help sustain TAMS programs and help promote our hobby. Donations to TAMS are tax deductible. Thank you for your continued support of our organization.


Ron Abler’s
A Cabinet of Centennial Medals


has moved to the Newman Numismatic Portable.
You can find the link on our links page with the Table of Contents or go
directly to the portal for the full book.

TAMS Membership and Communications Directory

Direct email submissions to bsktmkr (@) pacbell.net. Please include your name, email address, TAMS membership number, and one or more collecting interests. In addition, include a name and password that you will use to access the member’s only area of the TAMS website. If you have not submitted information for the directory, you have not had a name and password created to access the members only area. Please contact the webmaster if you would like to have access. Be sure to include your membership information.

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Let us know how we can best serve your collecting interests.